Mr Beaufoy is always encouraging his year 4/5 Raptor’s students when it comes to their beloved pets. They even have a Pet Photo Wall! Students have enjoyed bringing pets to school, sharing stories and learning about all kinds of different creatures, they call family.

Last week was no different for a couple of slithery visitors named Kracken and Big Girl.

The morning cries of students echoed; “there’s a snake, there’s a snake” from in the adjoining corridor of the classroom and the library, just about gave the librarian a fright as she proceeded to close doors and call “help!”. Quickly reassured that it was one of the student’s pets, the snakes and the students shuffled into the library, where they learned all about reptiles and what’s required to keep them. The hands-on interaction was quite the thrilling experience to start the day for the students who I’m sure will remember this as one of their highlights of 2022.