Last Friday the year 3/4 Panda’s class learned that any creative project starts with a good base. This is also the case with pizza. Knowing when to be exact with a recipe, was required to make a good dough. Preparing the ingredients, activating the correct quantity of yeast, kneading the dough for the perfect amount of time and storing it in a correctly placed warm position for it to rise. All of these precise steps, impacting the outcome of the pizza’s base.


Once the Panda’s perfectly risen dough was ready, it was time for their creative ideas to come to life. Some of the playful Pandas could not resist the sweet bananas and strawberries, sitting a-top thickly layered chocolate beds. Others delighted over the controversial ham stripped between chunks of sweet pineapple pieces, resting gently on tomato sauce swirls. Creative Pandas frolicked the kitchen, and judging by the photos, I think we can agree, FGPS Pandas prefer pizza!