Over the last 4 weeks the year 5/6 Koalas and year 4/5 Raptors have participated in Way2Go Bike Ed funded by the Department of Infrastructure and Transport.


Through participating in Way2Go Bike Ed, students:

·       Build their knowledge and understanding of the road laws and traffic              environments

·       Develop bike handling and maintenance skills

·       Develop decision making skills for off and on-road bike riding.


Students with different level riding abilities were catered for, and the students rated the program very highly.


“I learnt about signally and scanning when needing to turn and move around cars and roundabouts, which is very important”, said Anke.


“I gained confidence on my bike and learnt about how claiming lane is very important”, said Eva.


“It was great to get the opportunity to show our responsibility as older students on the road”, said Charlotte.



A special thank you to the instructors, teachers, Mr. Rod and volunteer Felicity for supporting Bike Ed.



For further information go to https://dit.sa.gov.au/Way2Go/home.