Our Staff


Principal: Chris Philbrook
Literacy Co-ordinator: Kim Trenowden


Rec/1: Mark Del Bono – Rm 6 (Dragons)
Year 2/3: Nicole Gray and Emma Gardner – Rm 5 (Sea Turtles)
R–2 Special Options: Katherine McLeod and Skye West – Rm 3 (Dolphins)
Year 3/4: Steve Beaufoy – Rm 1 (Raptors)
Year 5/6: Jack Moses/ Skye West – Rm 8 (Pandas)
Year 5/6: Kim Trenowden / Mafalda Maieli – Rm 9 (Koalas)
Music: Jack Moses
Arts& PE: Nicole Gray
Wellbeing: Mafalda Maieli
Visual Arts: Skye West
Japanese Cultural Studies (Sem 1): Bianca Warnock


SSO: Rod Hoffmann, Maria Salerno, Julie Creed, Sonia Zendehdel, Karen Goldsworthy, Kathryn Drewer, Mirella Trimboli, Charlotte Lacquiere, Rosa Masiello, Kayleigh Kelly, Rosidah Basiron, Abby Nicolle.

Finance Officer: Sally Linke

Office Administration: Mirella Trimboli

Library: Mirella Trimboli

Canteen: Julie Creed

IT Support: Jacob Rudd

Ukulele Program: Rick Whitehead

Pastoral Support Worker: Sarah Anderson