During Term 3, Music students have enjoyed learning about the various techniques involved in bucket drumming. Exploring how the timbre (sound) of the instrument changes depending on where on the bucket you play and how you hold your drumsticks. Using the ‘Kaboom Percussion’ performance videos, classes have rehearsed a variety of classical and contemporary / pop songs, ranging from Tchaikovsky’s “The Nutcracker” to Taylor Swift’s “Shake it Off”.

Practicing bucket drumming has assisted students in developing their understanding of simple and complex rhythms, as well as strengthening their hand-eye coordination. The unit has also given them the opportunity to play and rehearse as an ensemble. They are encouraged to listen to those around them while playing to ensure their drum strikes are synchronized. Students are also able to analyse the group’s playing and discuss which sections of the song they feel are being performed well, and which sections need further rehearsing.

Here are some musical snippets from the Koalas, Raptors and Pandas for you to enjoy.

Koalas – ‘Firework’ Performance

Pandas – ‘Trepak’ Performance

Raptors – ‘Entry of the Gladiators’ Performance