West Lakes Aquatic Centre was the perfect place to be on Wednesday the 15th of March! The year 6 students enjoyed a sunny 30-degree day whilst they participated in their annual Aquatics Program. Students participated in the activities of kayaking, snorkelling, sailing and surfing.


The aim of the day was to develop a range of knowledge, skills, understanding and attitudes across the aquatic activities including the development of:

  • aquatic activity skills and techniques
  • water confidence and water safety
  • survival in and on the water
  • environmental factors
  • rescue of others
  • self-reliance and social skills


Students had raving reviews of the day:

Here is what they had to say:

“I like the sailing and surfing the best because they both were really fun. We could jump off the boat for sailing. Surfing was more independent which I liked” – Anke.

“My favourite thing about aquatics was snorkelling because there was a big ‘fishnado’. They set up a red board and under that, the instructors put food so there were lots of fish that were coming like a tornado”- Eva.

“I liked snorkelling because it reminds me of Thailand when I would snorkel with my dad and see lots of fish” – Helen.

“We learnt acronyms to help us prepare for aquatic activities like WETT which stands for:

W-weather, E – equipment T- telling someone where you are going and what time you are going T: take someone with you”- Mitchell.

Here’s more fun pics from the day: