FGPS opened its doors on Thursday 9th March, welcoming families and the community to see our school, the learning and student run activities first-hand. Family BBQ sausage sizzle, ukulele performances, sports and cross fit demonstrations, STEM activities, yellow brick road theme through the classrooms, along with a diverse range of stalls and activities were on offer. Excited and enthralled students, families, community members and visitors all coming together. Students had been busy making stall items for sale and each item was the culmination of special learning activities.

  •         Scented candles from RM 8
  •         Fresh pasta packs from RM 1
  •         Succulent plant pots from RM 3
  •         Dyed socks from RM 9
  •         Designer carry bags from RM 9
  •         Craft items and handmade bracelets from RM 6
  •         Bath bombs from RM 5


It was an amazing atmosphere with lots of energy and positive vibes as you can see from the photos below, with great feedback from our school community.