Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care Workers provide pastoral and practical support to:

STUDENTS by listening, taking an interest in them, being involved with their daily lives, facilitating activities and seminars and being a positive role model.

STAFF by being a supporting resource, providing a listening ear, encouragement, friendship and supporting their personal wellbeing.

FAMILIES by being a person of contact, listening, caring, providing support in times of crisis as well as being a referral to support services

COMMUNITY by being a link between churches, the wider community and the school community


Students face a more complex and challenging environment than ever before and the support of a Pastoral Care Worker is a valuable asset to our community.


Three motivations for a student connecting with a Pastoral Care Worker:

  • Friendship/Social/Peer support
  • Emotional support
  • School Behaviour


Three motivations for parents connecting with a Pastoral Care Worker:

  • Family
  • Concern for Child
  • Mental Health



Sarah Anderson

I’m Sarah, a mum of two young ones (5 and 3) and I love encouraging children to be their best!

I have worked with children and families for the last 12 years and find great joy seeing them discover their immense value and understanding their potential to contribute wonderfully to the world around them.

I love playing the piano, spending unhurried time with my family, going to the beach and for a run, cooking a tasty meal and will admit I’m a Kiwi!

In my role my time is frequently spent supporting friendships and helping children identify and understand emotions. As people we are always interacting with others, and how vital that as we grow, we develop skills to enable our relationships to thrive. From working with friendship groups to one-on-one support, I’m here to equip our children with language and understanding to help their friendships flourish. I’m also here to support our families with whatever might come their way.

It’s my privilege to be a part of this community at Fulham Gardens Primary School and I look forward to supporting you and your family.