To complete the novel study on the book, ‘Boy Overboard’ by Morris Gleitzman, the Year 5/6 Koala’s final assignment for Term 3 was to create a movie trailer for the book. The Media Arts project consisted of the students working in small groups and using the iMovie app to create an engaging trailer to entice people to watch the movie if it was ever created.

Success Criteria was to use

  • a storyboard to plan,
  • unique pictures or videos relating to the storyline,
  • dialogue or text,
  • voice overs and/or appropriate sound effects or music for impact,
  • persuasive devices to hook and engage the reader,
  • effective transitions,
  • the school values of respect, including others, honesty, responsibility and successful learning.

Here are some examples of their movie trailers.

Movie Trailer by Saga’s Team

Movie Trailer by Anna’s Team

Movie Trailer by Remy’s Team