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Last week, students from year 5/6 Koala’s delighted invited guests to a dining feast to end off term 3.

Incorporating their combined learning in health & nutrition, procedure writing, math – multiplying fractions & decimals, budgets, sustainability and graphic design. Students demonstrated their understanding through a prepared lunch for their families, worthy of a MasterChef title.

Success criteria for the students included:

  • Invitation created by digital technologies (A5)
  • Choose up to three dishes/drinks for your group. Meals need to meet mostly green choices and the foods chosen `to need to be under half of the recommended adult choices.
  • Procedure in your own words – Clear steps, adverbs and prepositional phrases, specific vocabulary, Ingredients (including amounts), Equipment list.
  • Nutritional panel – explaining how it relates to the traffic light system and explain changes made to make it healthier.
  • Planned menu, designed using digital technologies.
  • Shopping list of food and materials needed for the day – and costs from Coles/Woolworths/Foodland website. Write up in table. Each group has a total of up to $30.
  • Sustainability – you need to write a paragraph explaining how your menu is sustainable. Discuss cost (savings), seasonal food and local produce.
  • Design of table setting – name tag and decorations. Take a photo of this and label it.
  • Reflection of process – individual

Students carefully considered budgets, best buys and discounts and strong consideration for sustainability to create their menu which included:

  • Organic and locally made
  • Seasonal produce
  • Minimal plastic packaging
  • Australian made
  • Minimise meat – eat more fruit and veg
  • Healthy eating
  • Buying and preparing food in bulk

Students converted our Performing Arts Centre into a dining hall, hosts escorted guests to their seats, waiters provided refreshments while other students took to the stage for a MasterChef presentation. Guests were served alternate minestrone soup and pumpkin soup for entrée, alternate chicken involtini and spinach & ricotta cannelloni for mains, with dessert of jam tart & tiramisu. Espresso coffee with a saviardi biscotto finished the meal.

Guests were invited to provide feedback which students collated for final discussion once back in the classroom. Raving reviews proved Koala’s MasterChef to be a huge success.

Final thankyou to SSO’s Maria, Rod and Mirella and teachers Ms Kim and Ms Maieli for such a wonderful day in the MasterChef kitchen.