A Poem by Room 9 
You’re perfectly crispy
Filled sweet layers inside,
Flaunting three colours,
You wear with such pride.
And patient you lay
Smells of vanilla bean,
But Halloween would change that,
They won’t hear you scream.
Ghostly winds howling
On Halloween day,
The shriek of excitement
Of kids as they play.
You were not prepared
For what they had in store,
Your beauty scarred,
For ever more.
The spells they whipped up
Called recipes,
Sprinkles and icing and
Fake eyes to see.
They bound you, holding you
From head to your feet,
Plunging into darkness
They yelled trick or treat”.
Icing baths covered
Your beautiful head,
Dowsed with decorations
I saw your dread.
Silent screams shouting,
You tried, but unheard,
As they lay you to dry
Was quite absurd.
Trays lined with paper
They made for your bed,
Not a care for your feelings
And ugly troll heads.
They laughed and took pictures
Put on display,
But no one, no, no one
Wiped your tears away.
Wafer sticks, vulnerable
Delicate and sweet,
Halloween was cruel to you
Kids just want to eat.
But this year they turned you
With such glee and delight,
All for a spooky day
Known for a fright.