End of term 2 assembly saw Fulham Gardens Primary School come together to celebrate our acting Principal, Chris Philbrook’s farewell and acknowledging student achievement.

Mr Beaufoy’s year 4/5 Raptors opened the assembly with a Beatles classic, ukulele performance.
Ms Kim and Ms Maieli’s year 5/6 Koalas continued with a class band featuring drums, percussion, bass guitar, singers, and ukulele performance, followed by some great acting in their dedicated readers theatre play.
Mr D and Miss Nicole’s combined Dragons and Sea Turtles classes held the crowd with a well-choreographed and impressive dance medley.
Acknowledgements also given to Mrs West for her teaching in Drama and Physical Education for semester 1 and Miss Julie’s work in the canteen. We also fare-welled, student teacher Miss Courtney for her help over the last few weeks.
Students were recognised for their efforts and achievements, followed by a morning tea, giving parents an opportunity to farewell Chris and acknowledge his contribution and impact he has made on our school community.
Farewell Chris and thank you for your leadership and dedication.


Class Student 1 Student 2
Room 6 Billy Gould
For his continual efforts to complete outstanding work
Layla Kelly
For her outstanding efforts with reading and using growth mindset completing all tasks   
Room 5 Faye Tuttle
For showing great resilience to her independent learning
Asher Ocampo
For his outstanding effort in his learning this semester.
Room 3 Jordan Lindgren
For his awesome effort in all learning tasks
Carter White
For his persistent effort to show improvement
Room 1 Angus Gould 
For taking ownership of his learning and always striving to complete high quality work
Orlando Kennedy
For always trying his best and completing outstanding work
Room 8 Ben Roe
For showing great all round effort in all area of learning
Isla Ly
for always persisting in her work
Room 9 Thomas Tully
For always producing outstanding work and trying his best.
Anna Dinh
For her growth in all areas and producing high quality work



Performing Arts AwardBenjamin Roe: The Spirit of The Arts Award is given to a student who has shown great enthusiasm and diligence during their Drama and Music lessons, as well as a strong and passionate understanding of the content.

PE AwardMatiyah Ocampo: This award goes to a student who in PE lessons and play times consistently shows good sportsmanship, honesty, sharing and caring for others.  

100% Attendance Certificate – Jaxson Esposito-Barnhard, Simune Schroeder, Jayden Wood. Anke Schroeder, Remy Nixon-Smith and Anna Dinh.