What a start to 2024!

FGPS year 3 – 6 students visited Arbury Park Outdoor School for camp in week 1. Leaping into the new year by living and learning together, enhancing social skills and practicing being team players. Arbury Park has always been a highlight for the students with strong connections to environmental awareness. Eco footprint and recycling, web of life, freshwater life, hiking, shelter building and various team activities, were included on the 3-day program. Challenges in orienteering and navigating maps and symbols were met with critical thinking and problem solving. These activities provide opportunities to apply growth mindset, independence, and practice productive struggling (having the courage and comfort level to try).

The new FGPS values: Kindness, Courage, Ambition, are embedded into practical examples during camp as a way of introducing values in action.

Here’s a snapshot of what the teachers and students got up to.