The Rec/Year 1 class has had an exciting term 4 learning through immersive experiences in the classroom. Continuing the life cycles journey from frogs to butterflies, the students were treated with an incursion from ‘Bugs n Slugs’. They have been committed to providing hands on invertebrate and nature education for schools, kindergartens, and other groups in South Australia since 2002.

Whilst students were at play, the wonderful people from ‘Bugs and Slugs’ set up the classroom with interactive tables of creatures to touch and hold. Other clearly labelled enclosures of insects that were for looking only were supervised by Miss. Rosa and Mr. D.




Curious students sat and listened to interesting facts about creepy crawly creatures, waiting for their chance to have a closer inspection of the assortment of insects that lined the classroom. The afternoon was as an engaging, curriculum linked experience, that the students enjoyed and will remember for years to come.



For more information on Bugs n Slugs incursions please visit their website Welcome to Bugs n Slugs –