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Specialist Learning Areas

Special Class

At Fulham Gardens Primary School we have an R-3 Special small class. Students in this class are given placement through the Western Adelaide Region. Before students have completed year 3 they are then considered for a Primary special small class. Like all students they have varying strengths, interests, personalities and needs. The main focus for all students is to develop positive and effective communication skills whether it be through speaking, picture cues or signing. This supports each student being able to have their needs met as well responding to others.

Each student is supported in the development of literacy and maths skills, and also participate in daily exercises to build muscle tone and co-ordination. All students also access fortnightly swimming at Thebarton Aquatic Centre.

Starting Preschool and School

From 2014, there will be a new start date for preschool and school children. This will be the first day of Term 1.

If your child turns five before May 1, they will start school on the first day of Term One in that year. If your child turns five on or after May 1, they will start school on the first day of Term One the following year.

The new start date will mean that all children will have four terms of preschool and four terms of Reception.

Kindergarden Flyer

Music Class

Fulham Gardens Primary School students are in the very fortunate position of accessing specialist music.

All Junior Primary students are taught recorder and this is a stepping stone in reading music prior to being invited to participate in the Instrumental Music program.

From year 3 students are able to learn violin and from small group tuition then come together as an orchestra.

Fulham Gardens Parent & Playgroup

Providing a raining bow of learning through play.

Open Hours:

Monday-Tuesday 9:00AM- 11:30AM
Wednesday 9:30AM - 11:30AM
Thursday-Friday 9:00AM - 11:30AM

For more information contact Katine 0419-805-847.

The Gardens

In 2013 we developed a Future garden by using recycled household containers as planter boxes. Old boots, ironing boards, television boxes and an assortment of objects became homes for plants and herbs.

Class Gardens. Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Program

Each class has their very own garden patch and our GREEN ARMY of parent and student volunteers make sure the gardens are kept free of weeds and bugs. In 2014 we are participating in two additional programs ( Trees For Life and the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Program) These have already generated much excitement and will provide valuable learning experiences in planting and maintaining green belts within the school.

Student Leadership/ Student Voice

Student leadership is an important part of the school curriculum. We believe every student has leadership potential and as such we engage students in leadership training activities.

Through student leadership training, students are taught the skills of decision making, problem solving and how to perform the various roles in a committee and meeting structure. These roles consist of chairperson, secretary, finance, minute taker and observer/ timekeeper.

All classes conduct class meetings where issues, suggestions and ideas are raised for consideration during Student Governing Council meeting. Each class has 2 representatives who are elected by fellow class mates.

We believe students play an important role in setting school directions and are able to influence school events and improvements.

Recycling Programs

Recycle Rangers

The students at Fulham Gardens Primary School are involved in a number of recycling projects which support community organisations and in turn support student and community fundraising. These provide valuable opportunities for students, their families and our local community to be involved in sustainable activities.

Money Tree

Bring along unwanted newspapers and drop them into the large green bins with the money tree label.  Transpacific collect these regularly and the money raised goes back into student fundraising.

Rings for Limbs

PLEASE save the ring pulls from soft drink cans and send them along to the school. The Prosthesis Foundation of Thailand produces prosthetic limbs by using the scarp metal or the money raised by selling the scrap aluminium. 2,500 rings provide approximately 1kg of aluminium. These can be dropped off at the front office.